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  • A student whose attendance is less than 75% is not allowed to appear in the Annual Examinations.
  • The shortage in attendance is condoned if the Principal is satisfied that the reasons for absence are reasonable and justified.
  • The name of a student is struck-off from the School rolls if the student remains absent from the School for a continuous 10 days without information. The School accepts no responsibility for informing the parents of the absence of their children from the School.
  • A student who leaves the School during class hours without permission is fined Rs. 100/-.
  • A student who fails to clear the dues as per the Fee-Schedule is not allowed to appear in the examinations
  • A student who is in improper and untidy uniform is sent home or fined Rs. 50/-.
  • A student who is found indulging in smoking, betel-chewing, abusing, indecent and obscene behaviour, is fined Rs. 100/-.
  • A student who misses exams or tests without prior permission and does not submit any medical certificate despite warnings shall be fined Rs. 100/-.

    Leave Of Absence

  • Leave of absence is granted only for serious reasons and on previous written application from parents/guardians. A Medical Certificate must be submitted if a student is ill for more than 3 days.
  • When a student returns to the College after an absence, he/she should get the diary signed by the Principal before attending class. The same procedure is to be followed when a student comes late to the College.
  • A student who is irregular without reason will be dropped from the College rolls.
  • Any student whose name has been struck off the rolls, if readmitted, has to pay the admission fees again.