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Secular Campus

Springfields College is a secular campus with children from all religions, backgrounds and diverse groups receiving education together. It is a space where the emphasis is on good values, quality education, encouragement of sports and extra-curricular activities. It does not promote any particular religion or religious studies.

Freedom Of Expression

All children are different and unique in their own ways. They all have different abilities.The college promotes free thinking and expression. Students are given an outlet that facilitates creative thinking, unique thought process and perception. It is imperative for a child to learn academic and life-skills in order to improve knowledge. But here at Springfields College, along with academics and regular education, we also constantly encourage them to move towards what they are good at rather than move away from it.


Springfields College strives to teach the importance of acceptance to all its students. From a young age, children are taught to respect differences and accept others irrespective of caste, creed, colour or drawbacks. We encourage them to respect people for who they are and celebrate differences from a young age.